Welcome to my website.
I am Nazmus Sadat. Currently, I am working as a Software Developer at Pollard Banknote Limited.
To begin with my relevant educational background, my bachelor of science, and master of science both degrees are in Computer Science. I have completed my bachelors from Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, which is the oldest and best engineering school of my country. My masters is from University of Manitoba.

From the beginning of my bachelors program from 2009, I have been working to achieve a sound and broad conceptual basis of computer science in order to be a full-fledged software engineer. From 2014, after completing my bachelors, I have been working as a professional software engineer. In these years, I have developed and maintained numerous desktop application, web application, and APIs. Desktop applications were mostly based on C, C++, Java. The web applications were developed using Java, PHP.

As part of my MSc thesis, I have developed trusted hardware assisted cryptographic frameworks for secure and efficient computation on biomedical data. These works have been published in journals including ACM/IEEE transactions on computational biology and bioinformatics. Crypto community highly appreciated this work, and it has received several citations. I completed my Masters in June 2018, and wanted to leverage scientific knowledge to solve real life problems by developing innovative computer applications using cutting edge technologies. That’s why I got back to industry from academia.